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Ron Dexter     [Lab Activities]
Ron Dexter has been a paid cameraman since 1962 and a director/cameraman since 1968. In addition, Ron:

owned a TV commercial studio in Hollywood for 20 years;

owned and/or built most of the production equipment he used in 35mm production;

mostly shot high-budget network TV commercials on 35-mm film; clients included Kodak, Ford, Chevy, United, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Colt 45, Budweiser, Miller, and Busch;

has shot stop motion time lapse up to 2500 FPS;

has worked with thirty-man man Hollywood crews and no-man crews;

developed a 250 page website on equipment and production not published elsewhere see;

has worked with backpack dollies and cranes and Fisher dollies and Chapman cranes;

trained many of his crews;

has shot in 40 states and 18 countries;

has shot objects from diamonds to 747's;

has shot people from Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra to Michael Gorbachev;

is a director in DGA (retired);

has been a union board member/negotiator and employer of union crews;

has taught hundreds of students and designed a film course for the Irish Government;

has two patents for film equipment;

is the co-designer of the Body Mount and the Pitching Lens;

built and promoted "The Dexter Dolly" system and the Dexter Hi Hat;

built one of the first video assists for Arri IIC, 35-3, and Arri 35 BL, a periscope lens system, tilting front lenses and selectable focus lenses;

has built cranes and dollies since 1965;

since retiring, has done many no-budget video projects and still teaches;

is presently working on animated Gumby and Davey and Goliath television projects.

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