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Claudio Fäh

Claudio Fäh directed Hollow Man 2 for Doug Wick's Red Wagon Entertainment and Sony Pictures Entertainment's Screen Gems Films unit in Vancouver. The production, starring Christian Slater as The Hollow Man, with Peter Facinelli and Laura Regan, premiered May, 2006 to outstanding sales. Claudio and David Madsen have been engaged to respectively write and direct an original suspense thriller, Slayer, for Lions Gate Films.

Claudio's first feature film, Coronado, is a tour de force of humorous action and well-rendered special effects. Produced by Volker Engel and Marc Weigert, the film was sold successfully in 22 countries around the world and acquired for domestic release by DEJ Distribution, the theatrical subsidiary of Blockbuster Entertainment.

Claudio directed seven short films in Switzerland and the United States before making Coronado. He received numerous awards for these films at various international film festivals, including the Prix des Industries Techniques at Festival du Film du Geneve, Gold and Silver Medals at UNICA Worldwide Festival, a Gold Medal at JVC Tokyo Film Festival, and the Young Spielberg Award in the Fast Video Competition. He is a three-time winner of the Finalist Award at Worldfest Houston and winner of the Filmfluss Award, Zurich.

After Claudio completed his studies in English Literature with a thesis on the writer Frans Kafka at the University of Zurich, he continued his postgraduate education in Film and Television at UCLA.

Claudio Fäh continues his work as Executive Producer of Starship Troopers: Marauder (aka Starship Troopers 3), written and directed by Ed Neumeier, writer/creator of Robocop (with writing partner Michael Miner) and writer of the first Starship Troopers. Starring Casper Van Diem and other Starship Trooper veterans, the film is another of Paul Verhoeven's exotic sci-fi action films returning to life with a major assist from Claudio. Verhoeven shared Executive Producer credit on the Fäh directed Hollow Man 2.

Fäh's recent work includes three episodes of Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side, the companion series to the CBS hit Ghost Whisperer.

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