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Yves Jacques     [Lab Activities]
Photo and biographical
information courtesy of
American Repertory Theatre
and Harvard University

Yves Jacques' professional journey led him from his native Quebec City to Montreal, and then drove him to Paris, where he's been performing since, on stage as well as in films. He has made over forty films, and has been recognized with multiple awards in his career, including the"Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres," one of the most prestigious distinctions granted by the cultural ministry of France. He also held lead roles in several award winning movies, including Jesus de Montreal (Jury Prize, Cannes, 1989; Oscar Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film 1990); La Classe de Neige (Jury Prize, Cannes 1998), La Chambre des Magiciennes (International Critics' Award, Berlin, 2000), Betty Fisher et Autres Histoires (International Critics' Award, 2001), La Petite Lily (Official Selection, Cannes, 2003) and The Barbarian Invasions (Academy Award, Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, 2004). Other films include The Decline of the American Empire, The Widow of Saint Pierre, and the epic television series Napoleon. Yves' performance in the far side of the moon also won him Montreal's Theatre du Nouveau Monde's Best Actor Award in 2003.

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