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Perry Lang     [Lab Activities]
Perry Lang began working in film at age 17. He has acted in over thirty films and seventy hours of television. His film work includes Sam Fuller's The Big Red One, Steven Spielberg's 1941, and John Sayles Sunshine State and Eight Men Out, in which Perry played one of the indicted eight who threw the 1919 World Series. Perry's television work as an actor includes Mash, the title character in the Emmy-winning special Hewitt's Just Different, A Rumor of War, and numerous guest appearances, including many projects that he has himself either written or directed. As a writer and director, Perry started professionally writing for Tales from the Dark Side in New York. Along with a number of studio assignments, he wrote the first film he directed, Little Vegas, and rewrote the second, an action/adventure movie he also directed, entitled Men of War. Since then, Perry has directed over sixty hours of television, including NYPD Blue, ER, and Alias.
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