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Ivan Passer     [Lab Activities]

Ivan Passer is one of the great Czech directors associated with the Czech "new wave." He studied at FAMA and the Prague Film School and went on to co-write screenplays for fellow countryman Milos Forman. Mr. Passer achieved solo success with the short film "A Boring Afternoon" and the critically acclaimed feature, Intimate Lighting. This film brought Ivan Passer to the attention of American audiences, and in 1968, when the Russians invaded Czechoslovakia, he moved to the U.S. and started a new career. Among his U.S. Films are Born to Win, Law and Disorder, Crime and Passion, Silver Bears, The Nomad, Picnic, and The Wishing Tree.  His film Cutter's Way, (originally released under the title Cutter and Bone), was championed by critics. Mr. Passer has also directed Creator, Haunted Summer, and the ambitious and well-received HBO movie Stalin, which Ilene Kahn Power produced. Starring Robert Duvall and Julia Ormand, this film received three Golden Globe awards, as well as three CableACE awards.  It was also nominated for ten Emmy awards, of which it won four, including Outstanding Motion Picture for Television.

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