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Distinguished Guest Artists and Projects
Cruel Clarissa
Susan Roether Zsigmond’s new play went through the development process at the Lab with a workshop and staged reading at the Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles, directed by Lab Director Nancy Kawalek. Caroline Goodall headlined a cast that included Billy Asher, Lauren Letherer, and Judy Scheer. Randall Sabusawa served as Casting Director on the project.
Caroline Goodall as Clarissa and Billy Asher as Alan Lauren Letherer as Barbara and Caroline Goodall as Clarissa
Caroline Goodall
Lauren Letherer’s Barbara pleads her case with Caroline Goodall’s Clarissa. Billy Asher as the bellhop, Alan, ends up catering to Clarissa’s needs.
Caroline Goodall’s magnificent and mercurial Clarissa

Billy Asher’s Alan tries to reassure Lauren Letherer’s fallen Barbara.

Barbara ultimately falls under the very cruel Clarissa’s spell, with Alan unable to help.
A post-show discussion with the audience; from left to right: Lab Director Nancy Kawalek, Judy Scheer (stage directions reader), playwright Susan Roether Zsigmond, and cast members Billy Asher, Lauren Letherer, and Caroline Goodall.
Photos by Vilmos Zsigmond & Peter Sorrel
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