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Distinguished Guest Artists and Projects
Robert Lepage
Robert Lepage in a scene from his own performance of the far side of the moon. Photo: Sophie Grenier (courtesy of UCLA)

Film Studies students attended a master class off-site, down in Los Angeles, with Guest Artists Robert Lepage, international actor, director, writer and filmmaker, and Yves Jacques, distinguished French actor, in February, 2002. In the master class, students enjoyed the rare privilege of talking with Mr. Lepage and Mr. Jacques about their multi-disciplinary work.

Afterward, the students attended a superb production of the far side of the moon, written and directed by Mr. Lepage and starring Mr. Jacques. The supremely gifted Mr. Lepage has created this astonishingly imaginative and moving multi-media theatre piece, in which two stories of competition – the historical space race between the United States and Soviet Russia, and sibling rivalry between two brothers – run parallel. (Funding for these events was made possible through the generosity of UCLA’s Design for Sharing program.)

Some unsolicited written responses from students after seeing the far side of the moon:
"In a way I understood that theatre is much more complex than what I thought and that it is beautiful because its possibilities are infinite, it is unique right in the moment we see it. . . ."
"I just wanted to tell you that the play tonight was awesome! . . . It's definitely now one of my top 3 favorite plays. Very inspiring."
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