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Woman Sawed in Half

Woman Sawed in Half is a comedy with a film noir flavor. The screenplay was written by Perry Lang and will be produced by Paul Kurta. Paul and Perry are developing this project at the Lab.

To that end, the first in a series of staged public readings began in May, 2004, with several accomplished actors taking a break from their respective film and television projects to lend their talents.

Writer/director Perry Lang (left) introduces the reading of his screenplay, Woman Sawed in Half, as the actors (at right), look on. The actors who participated were film, television and stage professionals, along with three student actors: (from left to right) Kathryn Ish, Michelle Kurta (Santa Barbara student), James Lashly, James Read, Henry Brown, Leslie Gangl Howe, Faline England, Jesse Hoy (Film Studies student), Lab Director Nancy Kawalek, James Diehl, Robert Lesser, David Rasche, George Backman and Jackie Silverman (Film Studies student).
John Diehl, Robert Lesser and David Rasche read Woman Sawed in Half. James Lashly, James Read, Henry Brown and Leslie Gangl Howe
Faline England, Jesse Hoy, Lab Director Nancy Kawalek and John Diehl
Writer/director Perry Lang listening and taking notes during the reading of his screenplay.
At a Q&A session after the reading, actors Robert Lesser (left) and George Backman (right) listen as David Rasche (center) offers feedback. Producer Paul Kurta (leaning in, at left) and writer/ director Perry Lang listen to feedback from the actors.
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